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I'll admit to having played many rounds of 7 Little Words myself.

5000 GRE Words 1

This clever word association game offers you lists of words and challenges you to find the connections between them. They could be synonyms or antonyms, related words such as "scurvy" and "liver" or elements in common phrases. Word to Word is simple to play but looks addictive to me. I'm a recent convert myself.

Plus, it's a nice way to stay in touch with distant friends. But there are many other crossword app options out there, including the venerable and challenging New York Times crosswords, if you're willing to pay for the subscription. Scored in kph keystrokes per hour. Random prices provide some intense numeric data entry practice.

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Intense practice for the most challenging part of the Criticall test - the VIN number - 17 characters long with a mixture of letters and numbers. The CritiCall test is given to prospective operators and emergency dispatchers. This practice test was built to help prepare for the very challenging data entry portion of the CritiCall test.

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The ProveIt data entry test is a basic data entry test often given to prospective call center employees. This practice test was built to help practice your data entry skills and get familiar with the test format. Business Typing Practice typing with these short articles on business topics. Technical Typing Practice typing with these short articles on technical topics. Medical Typing Practice typing with these short articles on medical topics.

How to Memorize a List of Words

Typing Quotes Get your daily dose of inspiration and typing practice at the same time with these Inspirational Quotes. Typing Scriptures Get your daily dose of inspiration and typing practice at the same time with these Bible based typing tests. Typing Literature Typing practice with longer passages of text from classic works of literature. Commonly Used Words Practice typing some of the most commonly misspelled words to incease your accuracy.

Typing Pangrams These practice typing tests use sentences with all 26 letters of the alphabet, and link to drills to improve your weakest keys. Misspelled Words Practice typing some of the most commonly used words to increase your speed.

TOEFL Vocabulary: Words and Practice

Biler adds that English learners need to see or hear a word about 10 times before they feel at ease with the word and start using it. If you need to learn a lot of unfamiliar words, and you have to remember those words, what can you do? Pyc says one helpful method for long-term learning is to test yourself.

How Many Chinese Characters Are There?

The easiest way to do this, she explains, is to create your own flashcards. Each card is no bigger than your hand. The word in English can appear on one side of the card. The meaning in your native language can appear on the back. By repeatedly using flashcards -- and slowly building up the number of cards — you can remember more words. Regular testing will also help you learn which words are difficult for you. The important point, Pyc says, is that you should not try cramming unfamiliar words if you want to have long-term learning.

Cramming is a common method for studying.

Why Focus on Learning Chinese Characters?

People try to memorize a lot of information in a hurry before a big test. This strategy can help students on some exams. She had other suggestions about how to improve the learning process, which we will discuss in future education stories. He suggests that sites such as Quizlet , Memrise , and English Central can be useful for English learners.