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Offering a comprehensive overview of the diagnostic surgical pathology, cytopathology, immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics of the thyroid diseases, this updated reference now incorporates recent, groundbreaking studies and major changes in the field. Global experts provide a complete guide to all diagnoses alongside major advances in tumor staging, immunohistochemistry and molecular genetics, helping you effectively evaluate thyroid tumors and non-neoplastic diseases.

Diagnostic Pathology: Molecular Oncology. Listed under: molecular , oncology. This volume in the highly regarded Diagnostic Pathology series provides a clearer understanding of molecular pathology as it relates to the transformation and pathogenesis of cancer. Diagnostic Pathology: Molecular Oncology is the first reference to apply a practical and clinical approach to examining how molecular mutations affect common medical diseases. Additionally, it identifies the relevant and appropriate molecular tests to perform for a complete work-up in the era of molecular-targeted therapies.

Easy to use and packed with outstanding illustrations, this is an essential resource for all pathologists or clinicians who need to keep up with the ever-evolving field of molecular medicine. Ex-vivo and In-vivo Optical Molecular Pathology. The result of a unique collaboration between clinicians, chemists and physicists, this book provides an unparalleled overview of a new generation of diagnostic tools in clinical pathology.

The introductory chapters cover the present status and limitations of currently used methods, followed by an outline of promising novel spectroscopy-based technologies either under development or recently available on the market. The input from both technologists developing these new methods as well as routine clinicians familiar with practical aspects and medical relevance guarantees that this practical work is a valuable asset for a wide audience, including technical personnel and decision makers in treatment centers, experts working in companies developing diagnostic devices, and clinicians specializing in advanced diagnostic methods.

Since basic researchers are increasingly adopting novel diagnostic tools developed for human use as well, this will also be of interest for biomedical research institutions with large animal facilities. Listed under: forensic , molecular. The topic was human genome—based applications in forensic science, anthropology, and individualized medicine. Assembling the contributions of contributors from numerous regions around the world, this volume is designed as both a textbook for forensic molecular biology students and a reference for practitioners and those in the legal system.

Genomic Applications in Pathology.

Advanced Molecular Biology: A Concise Reference

Genomic Applications in Pathology provides a state-of-the art review of the scientific principles underlying next generation genomic technologies and the required bioinformatics approaches to analyses of the daunting amount of data generated by current and emerging genomic technologies.

Implementation roadmaps for various clinical assays such as single gene, gene panels, whole exome and whole genome assays are discussed together with issues related to reporting, including the pathologist's role in interpretation and clinical integration of genomic tests results. In Situ Molecular Pathology and Co-Expression Analyses explains, in easy-to-understand language, simplified ways of understanding and performing in situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry tests.

Molecular Applications in Cytology. Listed under: cytopathology , molecular. This book is intended for practicing pathologists and cytopathologists, as well as for pathology trainees and cytotechnicians. It starts with a detailed description of the extremely important pre-analytical phase for molecular testing followed by a presentation of the key tests and their application in different organs, e.

Molecular Detection of Human Parasitic Pathogens. Listed under: molecular , parasitology ; Textbook chapters: Parasitology. The large number of original and modified molecular protocols that have been developed over the years creates a dilemma for those attempting to adopt the most appropriate protocol for streamlined identification and detection of human pathogenic organisms of interest.

The Central Dogma: DNA to proteins (an animated lecture video)

Part of a four-volume collection, Molecular Detection of Human Parasitic Pathogens provides a reliable and comprehensive resource on the molecular detection and identification of major human parasitic pathogens. Molecular Diagnostics. Molecular Diagnostics, Third Edition, focuses on the technologies and applications that professionals need to work in, develop, and manage a clinical diagnostic laboratory.

Each chapter contains an expert introduction to each subject that is next to technical details and many applications for molecular genetic testing that can be found in comprehensive reference lists at the end of each chapter. Molecular Oncology. Clinically accessible information for pathologists on the fast moving field of molecular pathology and oncology, addressing molecular and genetic approaches to the diagnosis and classification of tumors, predictive biomarkers for treatment response and disease progression.


Recurrent in this series, summaries are provided of Key Features of tumor, Key molecular prognostic markers and therapeutic markers, Tumor suppressor genes, and Oncogenes. Molecular Oncology Testing for Solid Tumors. Familiarity with and understanding molecular testing is becoming imperative for practicing physicians, especially pathologists and oncologists given the current explosion of molecular tests for diagnostic, prognostic and predictive indications.

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Molecular Oncology Testing for Solid Tumors is designed to present an up to date practical approach to molecular testing in a easy to understand format. Listed under: molecular , oncology ; Textbook chapters: Drugs with companion diagnostics. The genomic era has allowed enormous strides in our understanding of the molecular changes that underlie malignant transformation.

Mutations have been discovered that are critical drivers of large cross-sections of human cancers. These discoveries have allowed us to find drugs that target these drivers and make important strides in treatment.

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Genomics and high-throughput technologies have illuminated the complexity of cancer and the facility with which cancers adapt during their natural history. The field is evolving rapidly with new discoveries and new drugs reported monthly.

Molecular Pathology and the Dynamics of Disease. Molecular Pathology and the Dynamics of Disease bridges the basic science of, and primary clinical literature on, human disease. Topics covered include several major disease areas, such as inflammation and host response, vascular disease, obesity, weight regulation and appetite, cancer biology, drug development, and gene- and cell-based therapeutics that are all presented in a way that emphasizes the interplay between clinical care and investigation. As new technologies and techniques are constantly changing and laboratory scientists plays a critical role in validating data used by clinicians in diagnosing patients, this book provides a timely guide that includes a clinical, research and theory perspective.

Molecular Pathology in Clinical Practice.

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This authoritative textbook offers in-depth coverage of all aspects of molecular pathology practice and embodies the current standard in molecular testing. Since the successful first edition, new sections have been added on pharmacogenetics and genomics, while other sections have been revised and updated to reflect the rapid advances in the field. The result is a superb reference that encompasses molecular biology basics, genetics, inherited cancers, solid tumors, neoplastic hematopathology, infectious diseases, identity testing, HLA typing, laboratory management, genomics and proteomics.

Throughout the text, emphasis is placed on the molecular variations being detected, the clinical usefulness of the tests and important clinical and laboratory issues. The last 20 years have witnessed a revolution in our understanding of the processes responsible for These advances continue to yield both fundamental information about the molecules themselves as well as tremendous practical applications in the development of therapeutics, vaccines and foodstuffs, and in the diagnosis of genetic disease and in gene therapy.

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Advanced Molecular Biology - A Concise Reference provides in-depth coverage of 30 essential topics in molecular biology with particular focus on genetic information and its expression. The book emphasized unifying principles and mechanisms, with comprehensive use of tables and boxes to summarize experimental data gene and protein functions. Advanced Molecular Biology - A Concise Reference is written for upper level undergraduates, postgraduates and academics with an interest in molecular biology who need a convenient entry into the field.

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