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Any other religion will be a false religion, by definition. The idea that the apocalypse is coming is shunned by many mainstream Christians, biblical scholars, and theology experts. Millenarianism rejects both evolutionary science, and the biblical scholarship that reanalyzed the Scriptures as historical documents, rather than the literal word of God. It is remarkably popular.

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White, evangelical Christians voted overwhelmingly for Trump in An Anniversary Collection volume View table of contents and excerpt. Nickelsburg, University of Iowa. Tours of Hell focuses on one form of that attempt: the tours of hell found in Jewish and Christian apocalypses of late antiquity and the early Middle Ages. Himmelfarb examines seventeen texts, preserved in five languages and spanning a thousand years of human history. Because of its similarities to the non-Biblical lit.

Conservatives have, however, given strong evidence in favor of a 6th cent. All are agreed, however, that it bears many of the essential marks of apocalyptic. It contains visions of world history and the history of Israel, from the time of Enoch to the present day, and looks toward the impending end. It is by far the most important of the non-Biblical apocalypses.

Although there is some question concerning the date of the final ed. The Book of Jubilees c.

The course of history will lead to the Messianic kingdom, which will come as a result of the gradual, spiritual development of mankind and a corresponding transformation of nature; during this time the forces of evil will be restrained and men will live to be a thousand years old. Although parts of it have a Christian origin, the Sibylline Oracles from c.

Written in Gr. The Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs c.

Anti-environmentalism, isolationism, King Cyrus

Each testament contains three elements: an account of the significant events in the life of the patriarch, an exhortation based on the foregoing, and a prediction of what will happen in the last days. The apocalyptic element is not very prominent; rather, the stress is laid on ethical admonition. The work is esp. Again, although the apocalyptic element in the Psalms of Solomon c. There are eighteen psalms in the collection; two of them contain apocalyptic or Messianic content. Psalm of Solomon 17 gives a brief review of the history of Israel and describes the glories of the Messianic era in terms which are reminiscent of the OT.

Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum / Journal of Ancient Christianity

Psalm of Solomon 18 continues the same theme, centering on the Davidic Messiah, who will rule the nations with wisdom and righteousness. The Assumption of Moses c. According to R. Charles, the greatest of students of Ap. Moses is portrayed as predicting the history of Israel from the time of the entry into Canaan to the time of the author.

The text is somewhat dislocated, but it centers on the persecution under Antiochus Epiphanes b.

Enoch or Jesus? The Quest of the Historical Metatron

The Martyrdom of Isaiah first half of 1st Christian cent. Heb The rest of the Ascension is more typically apocalyptic, but prob. Jew of Alexandria though there is some evidence of Christian influence. The last part of the book contains ethical admonitions directed toward his sons so that they may direct their lives accordingly. This latter section, along with parts of the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, represents the high water mark of apocalyptic ethics.

Alexander Golitzin

The Life of Adam and Eve before a. It attempts to supplement the Biblical record concerning the lives of Adam and Eve. The narrative of the Apocalypse of Abraham 1st cent. This is followed by an ascension to heaven and a vision of the events of the past and the future. The author is deeply concerned with the problem of evil, but he seems to leave it ultimately unresolved.


The Testament of Abraham 1st cent. He is visited by the angel Michael, caught up into the heavens, is given a glimpse of the final judgment of human souls, and has various encounters with death in the form of a radiant angel. In contrast to other apocalyptic writings, there is no sense of impending judgment in the Testament of Abraham. Its chief concern is with the future destiny of individual souls. It records seven visions given to Ezra in Babylon.

The third vision speaks of the appearance of the Messiah; he and all those with him will die and be raised after seven days.

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A mourning woman appears in the fourth vision and is comforted; suddenly she disappears and is replaced by the new Jerusalem. The fifth vision presents an eagle with twelve wings and three heads, a reinterpretation of the fourth kingdom of Daniel 7 , and a review of history; the present age will be followed by the appearance of Messiah symbolized by a lion , who will destroy the eagle and deliver the righteous. The Messiah again appears in the sixth vision, as a man who rises out of the sea, travels on the clouds of heaven, and destroys his enemies with the fire of his mouth.

  • Trump’s foreign policy looks a lot like Rapture Christians’ plan to welcome the apocalypse.
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  • The seer is told in the final vision that he will be tr. The book is replete with imagery and phraseology which appear also in the NT, esp.

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