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And a technique called Clarity, developed in the lab of Karl Deisseroth, a neuroscientist and bioengineer at Stanford University, allows scientists to directly see the structures of neurons and circuitry in an intact brain.

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The brain, like any other tissue, is usually opaque because the fats in its cells block light. Clarity melts the lipids away, replacing them with a gel-like substance that leaves other structures intact and visible.

Though Clarity can be used on a whole mouse brain, the human brain is too big to be studied fully intact with the existing version of the technology. But Deisseroth says the technique can already be used on blocks of human brain tissue thousands of times larger than a thin brain section, making 3-D reconstruction easier and less error prone. Courtney Humphries. Rewriting Life Brain Mapping. A new map, a decade in the works, shows structures of the brain in far greater detail than ever before, providing neuroscientists with a guide to its immense complexity.

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The Innovation Cluster Inopro is focusing its research on intelligent prostheses and orthoses that can adjust actively to the needs of the person who is wearing them enabling an intuitive communication. One of the goals is to develop feeling prostheses which can sense touch and translate this into groping signals to the patient. CorTec contributes with its Brain Interchange technology to the project which will be responsible to establish communication between nerves and orthoses or prostheses.

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The project aimed at developing a novel prototype of the Brain Interchange implant system that is specifically adapted to preclinical research and will offer unprecedented flexibility and functionality. To that end, a custom-designed microchip ASIC was developed and integrated into the system.

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  6. In addition, further components of the implant system were improved significantly. In addition, the system was tested preclinically tested in preclinical experiments. Literature We believe that scientific findings are the basis of innovation. We base our developmental work on current global research as well as on our own findings. ZIM Central Innovation Program for SME, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy , Collaborative research project with the University of Ulm The project aimed at developing a novel prototype of the Brain Interchange implant system that is specifically adapted to preclinical research and will offer unprecedented flexibility and functionality.

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