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The lack of staff meant a year-old patient with stage 4 throat cancer was left waiting four hours for a half-an-hour appointment.

She said: "To be a good doctor you have to care because I think when you stop caring then that is when you become a bad doctor. During the filming of the documentary Sam is looking after twice the number of beds he should be.


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Sam's job-related distress is on full display as he works with a year-old man called Ryan who is losing weight rapidly but doctors are baffled as to why. Weeks later, on a rare quiet day, Sam is able to have a a proper chat with Ryan and learns he has a cannabis problem which can cause a suppressed appetite - something doctors could have learned much earlier if they had enough time for each patient.


He said: "You physically don't have the time to sit with a patient for 20 minutes and listen to them because I have 50 other patients I have to see by lunchtime and that is what frustrates me about medicine today. Dr Andrew Jeffrey, head of medical education at the hospital, said: "Everything is stretched, this is the worst I have ever seen it in 36 years.

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In Bill Kunkel and Arnie Katz founded Electronic Games magazine, the first magazine devoted entirely to the new generation of plugged-in entertainment from video and computer games to hand-helds, tabletop games, coin-ops and even state-of-the-art military and training simulators. Although the magazine only lasted just a few issues past its third birthday, it is still regarded as one of the finest game magazines ever published. Now, Bill Kunkel, a.

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Confessions of the Game Doctor is just what the doctor ordered. Confessions of the Game Doctor is a jaw-dropping collection of anecdotes that'll show you the video-game industry from a completely new angle. The quality and integrity of Bill Kunkel's pioneering work in game journalism and game design are all the more remarkable when you learn about the whirlwind of sex, drugs and public-relations hoopla that surrounded him while he produced it. He INVENTED video game journalism and the reader will be intrigued and amazed at all the information and knowledge he's gained over the years and is now willing to share through the stories he tells.

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