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However, with new technologies comes a valuable opportunity for cybercriminals. We have already started witnessing that as news are coming out every other week of cyber criminals hacking into cryptocurrency exchange companies and hacking corporations using this technology. This is expected to continue heavily in , with more criminals and hackers finding similar opportunities. Businesses and corporations that choose to adopt such an early-stage technology are also under the threat of attracting similar attacks by hackers.

To prepare for such threats, businesses who plan on using blockchain technologies should focus heavily on building the right security infrastructure to protect themselves from hackers who are taking advantage of the vulnerability of the blockchain technology at this stage. David created his first company at 22 just coming out of college. For several years now, cybersecurity has been a top priority for businesses of all sizes and industries.

The first attack which is inevitable of will set the tone for the year. Any individual who owns a smartphone or laptop needs a way to protect themselves against the ramifications of identity fraud should their personal information become compromised. Given the realities of our increasingly complex, digital world, it behooves consumers to work to protect their privacy on their own. All it takes is an employee to click an insecure link, and your server is no longer secure. Implement a policy to keep employees informed of the latest scams and educate them on how to be vigilant and avoid downloading information from emails they do not recognize.

That could put a business under. Cyber insurance can lessen the financial blow of a cyber attack and give your business the support it needs to get back on track. Some business insurance policies may include limited coverage against cyber attacks compared to a standalone cyber insurance policy.

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It is imperative to speak with a licensed insurance agent with cyber insurance experience to understand the proper type of coverage your specific business needs. Luckily, the implementation of blockchain technology could mitigate much of this issue, but widespread adoption is still ways away. Also, hackers always seem to find ways around the newest data security, anyway. He is also a fiction author and screenwriter.

Researchers in the second half of have been finding more and more flaws in the way email clients deal with fraudulent emails. There have been further weaknesses discovered in email protocols themselves. Moreover, automated tools that make it nearly impossible to detect fraudulent emails have recently been published.

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Phishing is already one of the most difficult attack vectors to defend, and this will only become more difficult. Businesses should focus on training their staff to prepare for more fake emails and spot fakes using clues in the email. According to David, the biggest mistake that IT people make is worrying about making their data hack-proof rather than keeping the focus on storing it someplace safe. Nothing is completely hack-proof, but lost data can certainly kill a business. If you have data that is stored in an immutable bucket, it cannot be altered or deleted. If someone gets a virus that is attempting to take over your data and encrypt it, this will not be possible.

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It will just produce an error message saying that the data cannot be altered. If you have sensitive business data, it is worth putting into an immutable bucket and making it immune to ransomware and other threats. David has been a successful tech entrepreneur for more than 30 years. On the edge of another year, the wrath of cybersecurity threats continues. Given the breaches in such as Equifax, Sonic, FAFSA, and Verizon, we are going to continue feeling the repercussions of identity theft and ransomware.

The nation needs to prepare for the when and how this personal information is going to be used against us. And, individuals need to be careful about what they are doing online. Businesses need to stop looking for cybersecurity professionals in the wrong places and using outdated ways of hiring employees.

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We find that many companies lack the understanding of potential cyber threats and also are unfamiliar with the state of the cybersecurity landscape. Not only does this report reflect personal cybersecurity skills growth, but cybersecurity students are getting jobs as it shows employers their skills are tested and validated. Organizations should stay vigilant and double-down on employee education and awareness, increase controls on identity and access, and improve audit trails and their frequency. Most importantly, they need to employ tools that implement advanced anomaly detection methods to determine when information and systems are being accessed inappropriately.

Monika Goldberg is a dynamic executive who brings over 25 years of industry experience from leadership roles at infrastructure and security companies such as Intel Security, McAfee, Cisco, HP, and NetApp.

Data security failures and cyber attacks such as the Equifax, Yahoo and OPM breaches demonstrate the extent and diversity of security challenges IT professionals are facing around the world. The increased usage of laptops, smartphones and IoT devices all represent network endpoints that are increasingly difficult to secure, as most employees are always connected via multiple devices.

In , with the growing complexities of endpoint security, emphasis will be placed on tracking and managing how users access corporate data across each of their devices. When analyzing the flow of data for threats and vulnerabilities, powerful search and analytic tools can then deliver necessary, actionable intelligence. He brings more than 20 years of security, cloud, mobile, and IT management experience to Code Detecting and stopping sophisticated cyber attacks that have bypassed traditional perimeter security systems and are now active within your infrastructure should be on your top 3 list of security priorities.

Security teams will need to factor in a slew of unforeseen threats next year, including those from bad actors scanning the Dark Web in search for the newest attack tools. Increasingly, security and IT teams are collaborating to address these stealthy attacks before they do real damage.

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This includes the use of IT infrastructure and security solutions that work together. Leveraging new technologies such as AI-based machine learning, analytics and UEBA can be extremely useful to improve attack discovery and decrease attack dwell times, as well as to send alerts which activate automated or manual enforcement actions that suspend potential attacks until they can be thoroughly investigated. In his current role as Vice President, Security Solutions Marketing for Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, Larry manages the positioning, messaging and product marketing for the portfolio of security products and solutions that Aruba brings to market.

While it is all but universally accepted that email phishing will remain the primary attack vector in , recently discovered vulnerabilities such as Mailsploit, an exploit designed to spoof an email senders name to bypass DMARC, present substantial challenges for organizations phishing mitigation and email security. To reduce the risk of Mailsploit and other spear-phishing, spoofing and impersonation vulnerabilities, organizations should consider implementing the following steps:. Regular updates and security patches are essential!

Employee security training is equally important, especially when it comes to phishing scams.

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As with the advances in malware, cybercriminals are getting smarter about sneaking past the safeguards that keep them at bay. Employee training and education serve as a critical barrier against these kinds of attacks, protecting from new cyber threats in the coming months. It only takes a single failure due to lack of proper training to take down an entire network. Amy O.

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Anderson, Principal, Anderson Technologies. Anderson is Principal of Anderson Technologies, a St. Louis IT company that optimizes technology to meet the demands of small and mid-sized businesses. Artificial intelligence has already been weaponized, automating the process of malware dissemination and data retrieval. Mass adoption of digital technology contributed to a wider dissemination of data. Businesses will require strong data governance strategy, framework and controls together with the increased corporate use of social media tools and technology to mitigate this risk.

These threats need to be balanced with the increasing demand for continuous delivery in a disruptive technology environment. The focus of current cyber security issues moves to controlling what matters vs. Increase in volume and sophistication of ransomware attacks and cyber terrorism is crippling the global economy. Ransomware could severely impact organizations globally where the threat is not mitigated.

Businesses need to take this threat seriously if they are to avoid falling victim to ransomware attacks similar to the May cyber attack by the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm. The crypto-jacking activity has been exploding, and we will undoubtedly see more threats in , particularly as the value of cryptocurrencies escalates.

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