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[Syntax] Case Theory

Seguir este autor. Novos artigos desse autor. Fazer login. Professor of Linguistics, University of Konstanz. Artigos Citado por. Studies in Language. Towards a Theory of Grammatical Relations. London 8 , Double Case. Butt, Miriam. In Katharine Beals et al. Byarushengo, Ernest Rugwa and Sarah Tenenbaum.

Cameron, Richard. Language Variation and Change 5. Chafe, Wallace L. The evolution of third person verb agreement in the Iroquoian languages. In Charles N. Li ed. Mechanisms of Syntactic Change. Chung, Sandra. Wh-Agreement and "Referentiality" in Chamorro. Linguistic Inquiry 25, 1, winter. Chung, Sandra and Carol Georgopoulos. Agreement with Gaps in Chamorro and Palauan.

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Agreement in natural language: approaches, theories, descriptions. Note: The authors argue that Chamorro and Palauan illustrate the logical extension of the claim by Keenan that functions may agree with their arguments in that they exhibit WH-agreement. The verb of a relative clause or a constituent question may agree in grammatical function with the gap controlled by the head NP or the displaced interrogative phrase. Clahsen, Harald.

Verb inflections in German child language: acquisition of agreement markings and the functions they encode. The acquisition of agreement morphology and its syntactic consequences: New evidence on German child language from the Simone-corpus. Meisel ed. Comrie, Bernard. Agreement, animacy and voice. In Gunter Brettschneider and Christian Lehmann eds.

Verb agreement in Ket. Aronson and B. Darden eds. Folia Slavica Columbus, Ohio: Slavica. Agreement as a Research Tool. The Ohio State University. September Reflections on verb agreement in Hindi and related languages. Reply to Saksena: Further reflections on verb agreement in Hindi. The typology of predicate case marking.

Thompson eds.

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Essays on language function and language type. Dedicated to T.

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Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Co. Note: The author argues that there are two possibilities for case assignment to predicate nominals in copular constructions: case can be assigned by government by the copula which manifests itself as a difference between the case of the subject and that of the predicate nominal; case can also be assigned by agreement, where the case of the nominal predicate co-varies with that of the subject.

Such an analysis would have to include case as a possible agreement feature. Contini-Morava, Ellen. Things in a Noun-Class Language. Semantic Functions of Agreement in Swahili. Andrews and Y. Tobin eds. Toward a Calculus of Meaning. Studies in Markedness, Distinctive Features and Deixis. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Corbett, Greville G.

Gender agreement in Chichewa. Studies in African Linguistics Walter de Gruyter. Morphology and Agreement. In Andrew Spencer and Arnold M. Zwicky eds.

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The Handbook of Morphology. Blackwell Publisher. The place of agreement features in a specification of possible agreement systems. Note: Agreement features introduce greater complexity into agreement systems than is generally recognized. They may determine the agreement domain Dargi and certain combinations of feature values can rule out particular sentence types Tsakhur.

Feature interactions show three levels of complexity: just the target may be involved German , or a computation of controller feature values may be required Slovene , or computation may involve a covert feature Miya. Agreement: Terms and boundaries. Agreement: Canonical instances and the extent of the phenomenon. Traiani Augusti vestigia pressa sequamur: Studia lingvistica in honorem Lilianae Tasmowski. Padova: Unipress. Postverbal subjects and agreement in unaccusative contexts in European Portuguese. The Linguistic Review Topic: postverbal subject agreement in unaccusative contexts Formal syntactic framework: OT Language s cited: Colloquial European Portuguese.

Note: This article discusses cases of subject-predicate agreement of postverbal subjects of unaccusative verbs with the verb in colloquial European Portuguese. Subjects of unaccusatives in European Portuguese are different from subjects of transitives and intransitives in two respects. They are the only allowed postverbal subjects in sentence-focus contexts i. In this paper, Costa proposes an analysis of the behavior of subjects of unaccusative verbs in terms of Case.