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Both the Allied and German armies are covered in detail by Ford, and his campaign narrative begins with the breakout battles in late July , and the German counterattack at Mortain.

Falaise 1944: Death of an army (Campaign)

Next he covers the Canadian offensives in Operation Totalise against German forces, and finally ends his narrative with the German defeat in the Falaise Pocket. Ford also provides helpful information about the battlefield today.

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Anyone who has an interest in the Normandy campaign should read Falaise August 15, - Published on Amazon. On the surface, Mr Ford has delivered an acceptable overview of the campaign leading up to the Falaise Pocket but I consider it highly biased and incomplete. It's a parochial vision that favors British participation over the US and propagates Montgomery's "save face" line of propaganda in keeping the Germans tied down in the east to allow the Americans to break out in the west.

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  8. A few lines are given to Operation Cobra, a few words to the Mortain Offensive, another few words to Patton moving to Argentan and then toward the Seine and the rest of the book is given to the British, Canadians and Poles. Except for the first map of Brittany, all the other maps, especially the 3-D maps as well as the color illustrations are British-centric. The author calling Patton an anglophobe is also a cheap shot. With the treatment that Patton received in the Med from both Montgomery and Alexander plus the stunts Montgomery pulled in Normandy and at home, plus the fact that Montgomery wasn't producing, one shouldn't wonder of Patton's regard for the British.

    My biggest complaint is not an act of commission but of omission. There is no real criticism of the command structure: Eisenhower, Bradley, Montgomery and to a lesser extent Dempsey and Simonds. The top three generals have a lot to answer for either their overcautiousness or ineptness in handling the closing and none of it was addressed in this book.

    Death of an army

    Another signal that Mr Ford didn't do enough homework is his short Bibliography which contains all secondary sources. I suggest if you want a better understanding and a more rounded view of this important August period that you also read the Martin Blumensen book, "The Battle of the Generals", along with Carlo D'este's "Decision in Normandy" and Samuel Mitcham's "Panzers in Normandy" or "Retreat to the Reich". June 18, - Published on Amazon. Book was similar to other Campaign series.

    Normandy: Armageddon on a country lane

    Good information for a book of it's size. I have been collecting Osprey books for years and have found that almost all of them will get a yellowish discoloration of the cover over time.

    Even in a smoke free environment away from direct sunlight. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Falaise Ken Ford, Howard Gerrard.

    Published by Osprey Publishing , Oxford New paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. New Paperback Quantity Available: 1. New Paperback Quantity Available: Book Depository hard to find London, United Kingdom. Falaise Death of an army Campaign Ken Ford. Published by Osprey Publishing New Softcover Quantity Available: Falaise, Ken Ford.

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    Falaise Death of an army Campaign Ford, Ken. Published by Osprey Publishing. Bookhouse Philadelphia, PA, U. There are more copies of this book View all search results for this book. Add to Your books. Add to wishlist. Quick Links Amazon. Amazon Kindle 0 editions.

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    Become a LibraryThing Author. The battle around Falaise in Normandy during August saw the destruction of the German Seventh army. Recently added by.