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Farewell My Lovely has its fair share of problems. Mainly: there's a lot more casual racism than I remember in some of the other Marlowe books -- mainly aimed at Native Americans and African Americans. It made me wince a few times. Ray Porter's narration is generally excellent -- he has a knack for Marlowe, the good and bad cops, and the other heavies.

I'm not big on the way his female characters sound, which comes off as a little forced. I can forgive it for how good the rest of his performance is, though. As much as Marlowe, the real star for me will always be Chandler's smooth and shiny prose, hardboiled and loaded with sin. Roll the windows down as you drive up the L.

It's gonna be quite a ride. This is a good story with a classic hard-boiled detective. Masterful noir writing. Chandler's descriptions are so vivid, they jump out at you. Ray Porer is - hands down - the best narrator in the Audble stable. His range of voices, accents and sense of timing and mood are unparalleled. Would literally listen to him reading the phonebook. Would you consider the audio edition of Farewell My Lovely to be better than the print version?

The Chandler stories are classic detective fiction, the origin of the private eye tropes we all know today. The narrator, Ray Porter, for the Audible recordings is absolutely PERFECT for reading Chandler - wonderful gruff, smoky American accent and can change his voice enough to distinguish the different characters' dialogue. Completely brilliant on every count. The all-time classic genre-defining detective novel, and perhaps the best narration I've ever heard of any book ever here on Audible.

Ray Porter delivers Chandler's glittering prose with style and panache. The voice and accent for every character is distinct and completely believable: listening was a joy from beginning to end.

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Im listening now to all the work from Chandler and Im really captivated by all his novels. This one is as the others, it has interresting chatacters and I love the setting. The narrator Ray Porter is perfect, his voice is very fitting to the setting and he really tries and succeeds with bringing all the characters to live. Off I go now to spend another credit on a Chandler novel read by Porter.

Typical Marlowe but not quite as good as The Big Sleep. Lots of twists and turns and larger than life characters. I enjoyed this one so will continue with more Marlowe. Alcohol consumption, attitude to women and level of violence don't ring true, but a well crafted story which moves to unexpected places. An excellent story beautifully written and convincingly performed. If you don't know the ending you won't go away feeling cheated - if you do, it's like a fine painting that rewards revisiting. Ray Porter does a fantastic job of Marlowe.

Recommended and very enjoyable. Great book Chandler never disappoints. I listened to the Big Sleep first and thought it brilliant but this was even better. I'd forgotten quite how good a writer Raymond Chandler was and this is one of his best. Wonderfully descriptive prose that you don't often find in detective novels and the sardonic wit of Marlowe shining through with one-liners that Wodehouse would have been proud of. And allied to that, fantastic narration by Ray Porter, easily the best-sounding Marlowe since the great Humphrey Bogart and with a huge range of authentic voices to bring it all to life.

All in all the best audio book I've bought in ages. Give it a listen. By: Raymond Chandler. Narrated by: Ray Porter. Series: Philip Marlowe , Book 2. Length: 7 hrs and 47 mins. People who bought this also bought By: Philip K. Poodle Springs By: Robert B.

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Publisher's Summary Eight years ago Moose Malloy and cute little redhead Velma were getting married - until someone framed Malloy for armed robbery. Critic Reviews "Anything Chandler writes about grips the mind from the first sentence. What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Amazon Reviews. No Reviews are Available. Sort by:. Most Helpful Most Recent. Ian C Robertson A Fond Farewell This is a fabulous yarn and one can readily see how it cemented Chandler's place in the Pantheon of of the noir genre, a genre that he was creating, defining and championing as his own with each book that he had published.

Darwin8u In the bedroom of noir I haven't read many better.

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John Ruth Ann Not PC but awesome 40's mystery! Dave Bach She promises to meet Mrs. Grayle and get her to hire Marlowe to find the necklace. He makes an appointment to see him. Marlowe visits Mrs. Grayle but she is more interested in coming on to him than finding her necklace. He then visits Amthor in his office, and probes for his connection to Marriott and the drugs. Amthor dismisses his questions, then has him assaulted and thrown out by two crooked policemen, who lock him up in a private hospital. He escapes, but on the way out sees Malloy sitting freely in another room.

He discusses the case with Anne Riordan and the police, who are annoyed at his continued involvement. They suspect Marriott of blackmailing wealthy women, in league with Amthor.

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Marriott hid the cards inside the drugs to implicate Amthor if he were found dead, but they doubt Amthor is the killer. Marlowe investigates the crooked cops and learns they were essentially unwitting dupes for Amthor, who thought Marlowe was trying to blackmail him.

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The hospital is an unrelated front for dope peddling and hiding fugitives. Marlowe now suspects Malloy moved to a hideout on a local gambling boat.

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He sneaks on board, and despite being caught by the gangster owner, manages to get him to pass a message through his criminal network to Malloy. Back home, Mrs. Grayle wants to see him, so he invites her over. Malloy shows up first, and Marlowe hints he knows what Malloy has been trying to find out. Grayle arrives and Malloy hides. Marlowe confronts her: she is Velma and had used Marriott to help conceal her new identity. She tricked Marriott into going to the canyon so she could kill him, but killing Marlowe too would have been too risky.

Malloy steps out and Velma shoots him fatally, then flees. Amthor, the hospital owner, and the crooked cops are all exposed to the law. Velma is eventually tracked down in Baltimore and kills herself. Farewell My Lovely, like many of Chandler's novels, was written by what he called cannibalizing previous short stories [1] -- taking previously written short stories and altering them to fit together as a novel.

Try the Girl provided the initial story about a hoodlum looking for his old girlfriend who has moved on to a more respectable life. Mandarin's Jade was the basis for the middle sections about a jewell theft which may or may not have actually happened, the murder of a blackmailer, and a corrupt psychic who works with a crime ring. The Man Who Liked Dogs provided the final part where the detective is looking for a criminal and his search ultimately takes him to a gambling boat anchored off the Los Angeles coast line out of reach of the local law.

In all of the initial stories, the criminals and motives are clearly explained by the end.

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However, as Chandler adapted and integrated the stories -- which were originally written completely independently -- he cared more about the style of writing and the characters than about making sure every plot point fit together with complete consistency and lucidity. It's hard to go wrong with Raymond Chandler and Philip Marlowe. This one is enjoyable from beginning to end no thanks to Marlowe's pathos and dull but glistening moral compass, and the cast of characters Chandler brings out here. A fortune teller, a gangster operating off the shores of L.

Farewell My Lovely has its fair share of problems. Mainly: there's a lot more casual racism than I remember in some of the other Marlowe books -- mainly aimed at Native Americans and African Americans. It made me wince a few times. Ray Porter's narration is generally excellent -- he has a knack for Marlowe, the good and bad cops, and the other heavies. I'm not big on the way his female characters sound, which comes off as a little forced.