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Trump, are you ready to lift or to soften and American sanctions on Iranian oil exports? And would you be ready to meet president Rouhani? The terms of the discussion are quite simple. An agreement was signed in on July 14th. That agreement set forth guarantees for the international community, including the signatories of that agreement saying that Iran would no longer enrich uranium over a certain period of time. That agreement had a two fold advantage. Stability and security, and also reopening economically speaking, which was good for Iran.

This agreement also had draw backs and short comings. French negotiators in were the most determined and France was the country that hesitated most to sign this agreement because we considered we needed as many guarantees as possible. President Trump during his campaign made a commitment to those who voted for him. To be more demanding and tougher because he considered that this agreement was insufficient, which caused him to leave it.

And that situation very clearly is the aspect, we might say the positive, side of things. Given the two goals that we have, where are we going with this? We need to be sure that Iran would never get a nuclear weapon and that there will be no flare ups in the region. And so what we discussed, very concretely, was to see how we could improve, very considerably, or really in fact build a new nuclear agreement with Iran. And on the other hand, we need to convince the Iranians to go in that direction and we can do that if we give them economic compensation of some form. If we make some movement in terms of lines of credit or reopening certain economic sectors.

At a given point in time, there will have to be a meeting between the American and the Iranian Presidents. I would wish that in the coming weeks, such a meeting take place. And for this meeting with the two presidents to take place. I would rather talk about concerted initiatives and exchanges rather than mediation because at the end of the day, we have constant exchanges with President Trump by share his goals. I want to have an agreement. This morning President Rouhani showed himself to be open to this meeting happening. Iran was the number one state of terror throughout the world.

There were 18 sites of confliction in my first week. When I spoke with the folks at the Pentagon, including lots of generals and lots of other military experts, 18 sites of confliction, meaning 18 sites of big problems. Every one of them was backed by Iran or in some cases, actually using Iranian soldiers, but at a minimum Iranian wealth. And they used that money for some bad purposes.

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This country has been through that many times before. Very simple. We can have it done in a very short period of time. And I really believe that around can be a great nation. But in the meantime, they have to be good players. You understand what that means. We have no choice. And by the way, President Macron told me every step that he was making yesterday.

And things have to be worked out first. But President Macron told me exactly what was happening, who was coming, what time they were coming, where they were going to meet.


And after the meeting he told me exactly what happened. And I think he had a very positive meeting. Look, he knows everybody there. So he was a very, very positive force. I say it all the time about everything. We got nothing. And by the way, that agreement was so short term that it expires in a very short period of time. So I have had good feelings about Iran.

Go ahead, please. No, no, no.

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You first. Oh, no. Yes, yes.

President Macron. But to be very clear. We decided to remain in this deal. So we are very much interested by the situation as a sovereign country. On deals aside, as President Trump made it very clear over the summer, we never spoke on behalf of other countries.

We just tried, tested, some solutions and to see if we can find the agreement with different countries. So we took an initiative this the summer to make a proposal, a technical one. After the discussion we had at the [inaudible ] dinner on Saturday evening. I thought that it was very clear about where we can go together. Not to say this is on behalf of you, of everybody, but to see our friends.

I think it would be a good idea to ask him to go back and try to negotiate some things at [inaudible ]. So I did it on my own. I informed before making it, President Trump, it was informed at each minutes about the solution, the situation, sorry.

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So this is my precise answers. This is a French initiative, but made by a clear information of the U. President before, information as well of the three Europeans, and each time I inform President Trump in order to monitor the situation and to appreciate together, if something more was adapted. And those things have to be changed and other things have to be changed.

As I said, Iran is a much different country than it was two and a half years ago, and we can get that back. I actually had friends years ago, many years ago, they were in the real estate business and they were in Iran and they were building houses and building housing and building office buildings and apartment houses and they did very well. They made a lot of money. They made a lot of money and they loved the people and they loved what was going on. So railroads and everything else.

So many things want to happen there. With respect to Iran, same thing. Iran has incredible people and incredible country, potentially. And I really believe that those countries that went into the original deal, that more and more are agreeing with what I did. Look at what they did to get the deal. Look at what they did to John Kerry and to President Obama. Plane loads, big planes, s, Boeing s, coming into loaded up with cash.

Let Us Talk of Many Things: The Collected Speeches

We had a lunch that lasted for quite a while, that many of you got to see, it was the two of us, no staff, no anything. We were just trying to impress each other. He did an incredible job for the G7 and I just want to thank you and you go ahead to your news conference, and very special. This was a very special, a very unified, two and a half days.

And I want to thank you for it. I will leave the floor. And I will wait for the end of your own press conference. Could you confirm that there has been an agreement between you and France on taxing digital firms? All right? She loved your French wine. So thank you very much.

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I will wait for the end of this press conference, to the press conference of the presidency. I will leave the floor to you. Good job. I believe it more strongly now than I would have believed that a while ago.

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