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At the age of twenty one, he was sure he did not want to be like his father Thomas Lincoln, an uneducated farmer, so he left his fathers house permanently. He had many jobs, learned many lessons, and made both friends and enemies, all which helped him to become one of the greatest presidents of the United States of America during the time the country had split, the Civil War Free Essays words 4.

DiLorenzo attacks each of these topics in his book and proves that Lincoln had his own agenda, and was not the picture perfect president everybody thought that he was. The overall theme of chapter two is the opposition that Abraham Lincoln and most Northerners had about racial equality As far as I can remember, the only thing taught about "Honest Abe" was that he was born in a log cabin and had to walk 12 miles to the library, uphill both ways, "unlike you little brats who have a library in your own school and don't even use it.

Lincoln wasn't scared to stand up and fight for what he knew was right. He was convinced that within the branches of government, the presidency alone was empowered not only to uphold the Constitution, but also to protect, and defend it. Lincoln was able to lead our country and preserve the Union, keeping the United States from splintering during the devastating times of the Civil War Research Papers words 4. Open Document Click the button above to view the complete essay, speech, term paper, or research paper.

Need Writing Help? Lincoln 's Leadership : Lincoln On Leadership Essay - From the humble beginnings of growing up poor and living in a log cabin in Kentucky to the office of President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln never lost focus of his mission in life.

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Abraham Lincoln, the Only Honest Politician? Essay - Abraham Lincoln is unfailingly the second president students learn about in grade school, right after George Washington. Abraham Lincoln as the Greatest President Essay - Abraham Lincoln is regarded by many Americans as the greatest president to ever hold office in the history of the United States, and his reputation is definitely well deserved. Search Term:. The importance of obtaining information first hand is very important for a leader. We saw the example in class with the telephone chain game. By the time the fourth person heard the story, it was so distorted that it didn't make ant sense at all.

This holds true for any information that a leader may obtain.

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The best method is to get all the information you can from the source in order to eliminate discrepancies. Lincoln did this and was able to do so by being around his people. Lincoln made himself very available and visible to the troops. It is very rare these days, at least in my experiences, to see the CEO of a major company walking around getting to know the people who are working way down at the bottom of the ladder.

In class, you called them worker ants, what we will most likely begin as when we graduate. However, worker ants are very important.

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They are necessary for the company because they are producing the goods or services that the company needs to survive, and therefore they benefit the CEO. It seems to make sense then that the CEO would want to acknowledge these people, but they don't. Lincoln, however, did see the advantage. It really isn't so hard, because in the long run the entire organization will benefit from personal contact between leaders and workers.

Part I also talked about building strong alliances and how important it is to put aside a personal conflict for the good of the organization. Phillips said that, "Abraham Lincoln listened.

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Paid attention, and established trust. He worked hard at forging strong relationships with all of his subordinates, especially the members of his cabinet and his commanding generals. In some cases the president overcame intense negative feelings toward him on the part of a few individuals" All of these qualities were exactly what we came up with in class that we felt made a good leader. The listening and communication skills that Lincoln had enabled him to do everything else especially gain trust and build strong alliances.

The relationships were also built on persuasion, another technique that we discussed that a leader should be able to do. At times a leader ahs to make his people do things that they may normally not want to do. One of Lincoln's problems within his army was that some generals did not want o take charge of their men and take on the responsibility that their position required.

He put his confidence in his men, which in turn gave them confidence in them. Lincoln's character was a good part of what made him such a great leader.

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He was honest with his subordinates and honest with himself. He was honest by nature and " he simply did not deal with people he knew to be dishonest" Phillips He really set an example, and a very positive one, for the entire nation. Leadership is an elusive concept that, at times, can be vague and ambiguous. As a result, there are no set rules or formulas for leaders to follow.

There are only guidelines and concepts, perceptions and ideas, abstractions and generalities. This is why the art of leading people is so difficult to master and teach, and why there is such a great need for role models. We must study individuals who are recognized as successful leaders, those who have demonstrated their abilities with tangible results" Phillips, , p.

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Phillips divides Lincoln's leadership style into four major categories: people, character, endeavor, and communication. Within each of these categories Phillips draws out qualities and strategies Lincoln displayed in his mastery of the art of leadership.

In an easy-to-read style of writing, history is reenacted to illustrate the concepts, current leadership theories are interwoven throughout, a summary of Lincoln's principles is given at the end of each chapter, and an inspiring message is portrayed for all those involved in leadership. Although I have not formally seen the vision statement for our doctoral program, Dr. McManus has communicated a quest for us to be leaders when we complete the program.

This book is a "must have" for that very reason. After reading this book, I was inspired to develop the leadership qualities in myself, and buy a copy for all the leaders around me.

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