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Making Sense of Nature: Representation, Politics and Democracy - Noel Castree - Google книги

I'm not sure if Making Sense of Nature was really about making sense of Nature. I was hopeful at the beginning, quoting Neil Evernden's The Natural Alien , but the quest for the naturalness of nature fell off the wagon after the first couple of chapters. This act, we should note, includes the ability to determine and debate what counts as nature in the first place.

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Some, such as Daniel Kish , have even taught others to use this form of human sonar.

Let Your Fingers Do The Hearing People who are both deaf and blind are incredibly good at using other senses such as touch to navigate and understand the world. Some use the Tadoma Speechreading Method to perceive speech by touching the lips of another person as they talk.

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First taught in the s, lip-reading by touch was a popular form of communication among the deafblind. Helen Keller was one of its early adopters. If taught early in development, the Tadoma Method can help a deafblind child learn to speak as well as to understand others. Those who lose their sight and hearing later in life can use it to read lips. But because the method is extremely difficult and time consuming to learn, by the s it began to lose ground to American Sign Language as the dominant teaching method.

Today, only about 50 people in the world still use of the Tadoma Method. Watch some of them at work in this clip. Do You Have Synesthesia?

Making Sense with Sam Harris #113 — Consciousness and the Self (with Anil K. Seth)

Take This Test People with synesthesia have a particularly curious cross wiring of the senses, in which activating one sense spontaneously triggers another. They might see colors when they hear noises, associate particular personalities with days of the week, or hear sounds when they see moving dots. Synesthesia is thought to be genetic, and recent research even suggests that it may confer an evolutionary advantage. Most synesthetes don't notice anything strange about the way they perceive their environments until it is brought to their attention.

One young woman only found out she was a synesthete in her freshman year of college after attending a talk on the topic. This video is a test for one form of synesthesia.

Here is one artist's rendition of the experience of a synaesthete. Science and Human Nature. Science, Philosophy and Physical Geography. Robert Inkpen - - Routledge. Is the Concept of Nature Dispensable?

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Making sense of palaeoclimate sensitivity

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Making Sense of Our Place in Nature

Martin's Press. Remaking Human Geography. Horizons in Human Geography. Human Geography: Behavioural Approaches. Walmsley - - Wiley.

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