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Elsewhere he describes force as "momentum flow". The discussion of entropy Chapter 13 is also quite idiosycratic and the statement that entropy cannot be defined for systems far from equilibrium is wrong. A lot of current research topics are discussed, and most of the statements about them are correct as far as I know. However it will be utterly impossible for most students to learn anything substantive about those topics from the treatment here.

It is quite evident that the author has little or no teaching experience at least before audiences characteristic of American public universities.

It is absurd to expect most undergraduate students to absorb the meaning of cross products, integrals, groups and group theory and the calculus of variations in one paragraph descriptions. For reasons I've articulated above, this book will be impossible for most undergraduates, including physics majors, to fully understand.

I did find it stimulating to read. However there is hardly any attempt to actually TEACH anything in this book and almost no thought has been given to pace, illustrative exercises to make new concepts understandable or even to ordering of the mathematics so that the 'explanations' come before the use of the mathematics. Integrals, for example, appear long before they are even defined. It depends a little on how one defines the word 'consistency' but I'm afraid I would say 'terrible'. The writing veers from very elementary to postdoctoral advanced level from page to page. Thematically, there is a kind of consistency, but even that is violated toward the end of this volume, when the author chooses to throw in chapter 14 on chaos and self orgainization which has nothing to do with his theme.

That chapter is in any case useless except as a list of topics and references. Some of the chapters could stand alone, in a sense, but that is largely because they are not really explaining the concepts, which would require thorough knowledge of what came before, but because they are basically just listing results, peppered with dashes of half-baked and very arrogantly asserted philosopy.

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The book does follow a certain logic, as I indicated above, though it is violated in some chapters toward the end. The interface is ok.

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It was easy to find the solutions to the exercises after I did or sometimes just attempted them, though it would be good to be able to get back to the text more easily after going to a reference. Grammar is fine, if a bit Germanic in places. Maybe this is the place to comment on the multitude of quotations in German, French, Greek, Italian and Latin.

What, exactly, is the point of including them in an undergraduate physics text? It lends a certain pretension and I was sometimes intrigued or amused by them, but the vast majority of undergraduates will just be put off and annoyed by them and they rarely contribute much to the conceptual flow. In fact, many of them contain wrong physics, as in most cases Schiller is aware, and he apparently thinks it a good pedagogical technique to challenge the reader to find the errors.

No there is no evidence racial prejudice. But the book is often offensive because of the aggressive way in which the author pushes his views concerning interpretations of physics. For example he scornfully dismisses views of the nature of time held by leading physicists. This whole question of the nature of time is contentious, essentially metaphysical and does not need extensive discussion in an undergraduate physics text. If it is broached at all, it should be in a more evenhanded way. There are many such examples. Schiller appears to be very intelligent and he has some interesting and rather unconventional perspectives on physics.

The biographical information indicates that he is not a professional teacher, but a business man with a strong interest in physics. That is very evident in the pedagogical failures of this book, which vastly misjudges the amount of repetition and practise that practically all students need in order to master the mathematical and physical concepts swiftly presented here.

I have mentioned that I could not use this book with undergraduates, but I don't think it would work with most graduate students either. In fact I wonder if it was written to be used as a teaching tool at all.

  • Motion Mountain - vol. 1 - Fall, Flow and Heat - The Adventure of Physics.
  • Motion Mountain - Vol. 1 - The Adventure of Physics: Fall, Flow and Heat by Christoph Schiller.
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  • The author seems more to be using the exercise of writing it as a way of organising his own thoughts, which are often interesting and provocative, though expressed in an annoyingly arrogant way. Explore Show me Free eBooks! Thank for Site Favorites Latest Favorites.

    Learn more at Login to Fave. Description Comments Ungluers 3 More Why read this book? Have your say. Rights Information Are you the author or publisher of this work? If so, you can claim it as yours by registering as an Unglue. Boundary layers as rational approximations to the solutions of exact equations of Boundary layers as rational approximations to the solutions of exact equations of fluid motion.

    Physical parameters influencing laminar and turbulent aerodynamic flows and transition. Effects of compressibility, heat conduction, and frame rotation.

    Motion Mountain - Vol. 1 - The Adventure of Physics: Fall, Flow and Heat

    Influence of boundary layers on outer potential flow and associated stall and drag mechanisms. Numerical solution techniques and exercises. The major focus of Parameters influencing aerodynamic flows and transition and influence of boundary layers on outer potential flow are presented, along with associated stall and drag mechanisms. Numerical solution techniques and exercises are included.


    Earthquakes are natural phenomena that can cause immense human suffering because of Earthquakes are natural phenomena that can cause immense human suffering because of intense ground shaking and are consequently of great societal importance. Earthquakes are also important because the seismic waves that generate the ground shaking provide scientists with important information about Plate Tectonics and geology, in particular information about the structure and composition of our planet and how the insides of the planet are deforming.

    In this course, earthquakes in Africa and the seismic waves they generate are used to help you to learn about the geology of Africa and how the earth beneath the African continent is being deformed by Plate Tectonics. Students are introduced to the concept of air quality by investigating the composition, properties, atmospheric layers and everyday importance of air. They explore the sources and effects of visible and invisible air pollution.

    By learning some fundamental meteorology concepts air pressure, barometers, prediction, convection currents, temperature inversions , students learn the impact of weather on air pollution control and prevention. Looking at models and maps, they explore the consequences of pollutant transport via weather and water cycles. Students are introduced to acids, bases and pH, and the environmental problem of acid rain, including how engineers address this type of pollution. Using simple models, they study the greenhouse effect, the impact of increased greenhouse gases on the planet's protective ozone layer and the global warming theory.

    Students explore the causes and effects of the Earth's ozone holes through an interactive simulation. Students identify the types and sources of indoor air pollutants in their school and home, evaluating actions that can be taken to reduce and prevent poor indoor air quality.

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    By building and observing a few simple models of pollutant recovery methods, students explore the modern industrial technologies designed by engineers to clean up and prevent air pollution. Is climate change real? Yes, it is! One type of technology that is imperative in the short run is biofuels; however, biofuels must meet specifications for gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel, or catastrophic damage could occur. This course will examine the chemistry of technologies of bio-based sources for power generation and transportation fuels.

    We'll consider various biomasses that can be utilized for fuel generation, understand the processes necessary for biomass processing, explore biorefining, and analyze how biofuels can be used in current fuel infrastructure. Filter Resources. Education Standards Education Standards:. Learning Domain:. Alignment Tag:. Science Domain:. Cross-Cutting Concepts:. Disciplinary Core Idea:. Minnesota Alignment Tag:. North Dakota Alignment Tag:.

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    Advanced Kitchen Chemistry, Spring This seminar will be a scientific exploration of the food we eat Advanced Organic Chemistry. Advanced Organic Chemistry, Spring The Adventure of Physics - Vol. I: Fall, Flow, and Heat. This book is written for anybody who is curious about nature and II: Relativity.

    IV: The Quantum of Change. This book is written for anybody who is intensely curious about nature Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids, Fall The African Continent. Air Pollution. Students are introduced to the concept of air quality by investigating the Alternative Fuels from Biomass Sources.