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The procedures should include the technical basis for the change; the impact of the change on safety, health and the environment; the necessary time period to implement the change; and the management-approval process. This element also requires operators to discuss the safety and environmental consequences of deviating from the operating procedures and the hazards presented by the chemicals used in the operations.


This element also requires operators to document contractor-selection criteria and obtain and evaluate information regarding the contractor's safety record and environmental performance. The training must address: operating procedures; safe work practices; emergency response and control measures; stop-work authority; ultimate work authority; the employee-participation plan; reporting unsafe working conditions and recognizing and identifying hazards; and constructing and implementing JSAs.

The mechanical-integrity program must encompass all equipment and systems used to prevent or mitigate uncontrolled releases of hydrocarbons, toxic substances or other materials that may cause environmental or safety consequences. The process must ensure that: the construction and equipment are in accordance with applicable specifications; safety, environmental, operating, maintenance and emergency procedures are in place and are adequate; safety and environmental information is current; hazards-analysis recommendations have been implemented as appropriate; training of operating personnel has been completed; and programs to address management of change and safe work practices are in place.

The emergency response and control plans must include an emergency action plan; an emergency control center; and training and drills incorporating emergency response and evacuation procedures.

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An accredited auditor service provider must perform the independent audit. The audit plan must be submitted to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement at least 30 days before the audit, and the bureau reserves the right to modify the list of facilities that a facility proposes to audit.

The operator is required to submit the audit report and a plan for addressing any of the deficiencies identified to the bureau for review and approval within 60 days after completion of the audit.

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The operator must maintain a copy of all SEMS program documents at an onshore location and make them readily available to the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement upon request. The operator must ensure that all personnel clearly know who has UWA and who is in charge of a specific operation or activity at all times. This element also requires that the operator give the individual with the UWA the authority to pursue the most effective action necessary in that individual's judgment for mitigating and abating the conditions or practices causing an emergency.

This element also requires management to ensure that employees have access to sections of the SEMS program that are relevant to their jobs. As part of its enforcement authority, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement will evaluate an operator's compliance with the SEMS standard, including whether the program addresses all required elements and is effectively protecting worker safety and health and the environment.

If the inspector identifies safety or non-compliances issues, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement may direct an offshore operator to conduct an audit of its SEMS program. This is in addition to the audit required under Section These enforcement mechanisms can have a greater impact on the operator's business than those issued under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of Depending on the severity of the violation, the operator will be issued either a "warning" or "shut-in INC.

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The operator will be expected to correct the violation within a reasonable amount of time specified on the INC — typically within 14 days. The operator must correct the violation before it will be allowed to continue the operations in question. SEMS program management techniques once developed.

The rule requires companies operating on the Outer Continental Shelf of the United States to develop and implement a SEMS program for each of their facilities drilling, production and certain pipelines. However, it includes many additional requirements. This course is divided into two days.

On the first day you will learn about the requirements of SEMS, its relationship to existing SEMP programs, who is covered, and how the rule is likely to be enforced. You will learn about the twelve technical elements of a SEMS program, including hazards analysis, mechanical integrity, management of change and auditing.

Offshore Safety Management

You will receive an annotated copy of the SEMS rule providing analysis of each of the technical elements. On the second day you will learn how to design and implement a program that addresses each of the twelve technical elements. The discussion will include estimates as to how much time is needed to implement these elements, and what sort of costs may be incurred.

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  5. Also, on the second day, a schedule for the implementation of a SEMS will be provided. The course will use examples of actual incidents, ranging from Piper Alpha to Deepwater Horizon, to illustrate the value and application of the elements of SEMS. For those companies that do not have a complete and effective SEMS program a risk-based strategy for developing such a program is described.

    Offshore Safety Management - Implementing a SEMS Program (2nd Edition) - Knovel

    A brief overview of the background to the SEMS rule — how it came about what its goals are. Fundamentals of Safety Management Systems, including the distinction between performance-based and prescriptive standards. The role of contractors. The technical elements of SEMS and how they can be implemented.