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Naruse H. Trade-off between the spatial and the frequency resolutions in measuring the power spectrum of the brillouin backscattered light in an optical fiber. Wang F. Spatial resolution analysis for discrete fourier transform-based brillouin optical time domain reflectometry. Shibata R.

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Improving performance of phase shift pulse botdr. Koyamada Y. Novel technique to improve spatial resolution in brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry.

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Sakairi Y. Nishiguchi K.

Synthetic spectrum approach for brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry. Proposal and demonstration of high spatial resolution botdr by correlating signals sampled with narrow- and wide-width window functions; Proceedings of the IEEE 6th International Conference on Photonics; Kuching, Malaysia. Zan M. High spatial resolution botdr based on differential brillouin spectrum technique.

Distributed optical fiber sensing with brillouin optical time domain reflectometry based on differential pulse pair. Equidistance difference optimum method to enhance measuring space of brillouin optical fiber sensor. Improvement of spatial resolution for botdr by iterative subdivision method. Lightwave Technol. Zhang Y. A pluse subdivision superposition method for improving the spatial resolution in botdr system. Quadratic time-frequency transforms-based brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry.

Feng X. Stationary wavelet transform method for distributed detection of damage by fiber-optic sensors. Hao Y. Influence of laser linewidth on performance of brillouin optical time domain reflectometry. Bai Q.

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The influence of laser linewidth on the brillouin shift frequency accuracy of botdr. Snr enhancement in brillouin optical time domain reflectometer using multi-wavelength coherent detection. Lalam N. Performance improvement of botdr system using wavelength diversity technique; Proceedings of the 25th International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors; Jeju, Korea.

Performance analysis of brillouin optical time domain reflectometry botdr employing wavelength diversity and passive depolarizer techniques. Performance improvement of brillouin ring laser based botdr system employing a wavelength diversity technique.

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Zhang Z. Channel capacity of wavelength division multiplexing-based brillouin optical time domain sensors. Effects of modulated pulse format on spontaneous brillouin scattering spectrum and botdr sensing system. Analysis of spontaneous brillouin scattering spectrum for different modulated pulse shape.

Influence of non-perfect extinction ratio of electro-optic modulator on signal-to-noise ratio of botdr.

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Performance improvement for long-range botdr sensing system based on high extinction ratio modulator. Enhancing the snr of botdr by gain-switched modulation. Wan S. The theoretical analysis and design of coding botdr system with apd detector. Soto M. Analysis of optical pulse coding in spontaneous brillouin-based distributed temperature sensors. Brillouin-based distributed temperature sensor employing pulse coding. Fan Z.

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Digital coherent detection research on brillouin optical time domain reflectometry with simplex pulse codes. A method for improving botdr system performance; Proceedings of the Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics; Shanghai, China. Enhancing the performance of botdr based on the combination of fft technique and complementary coding. Zhao Y. High sensitive botdr demodulation method by using slow-light in fiber grating.

Wang Q. A novel brillouin optical time-domain reflectometer demodulating method based on a slow-light mach-zehnder interferometer. Using a mach-zehnder-interference-based passive configuration to eliminate the polarization noise in brillouin optical time domain reflectometry.

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Cao Y. Mitigation of polarization fading in botdr sensors by using optical pulses with orthogonal polarizations; Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors; Santander, Spain. Wang R. Performance of brillouin optical time domain reflectometer with erbium doped fiber amplifier. Song M. Xia L.

A distributed brillouin temperature sensor using a single-photon detector. Xia H. Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry using up-conversion single-photon detector. Detrimental effect elimination of laser frequency instability in brillouin optical time domain reflectometer by using self-heterodyne detection. An improved levenberg-marquardt algorithm for extracting the features of brillouin scattering spectrum. A feature extraction method of the particle swarm optimization algorithm based on adaptive inertia weight and chaos optimization for brillouin scattering spectra.

Liu R. Temperature measurement accuracy enhancement in the brillouin optical time domain reflectometry system using the sideband of brillouin gain spectrum demodulation. Acta Phys. Zhao L. An accurate and rapid method for extracting parameters from multi-peak brillouin scattering spectra. Actuators A Phys.