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The present volume is the first collection of surveys on Quasiconformal Space Mappings since the origin of the theory in and this collection provides in compact form access to a wide spectrum of recent results due to well-known specialists.

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Anderson, M. Vamanamurthy, M. Vuorinen: Conformal invariants, quasiconformal maps and special functions. Gehring: Topics in quasiconformal mappings.

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Iwaniec: L p -theory of quasiregular mappings. Martio: Partial differential equations and quasiregular mappings. Reshetnyak: On functional classes invariant relative to homothetics.

Rickman: Picard's theorem and defect relation for quasiconformal mappings. Srebro: Topological properties of quasiregular mappings.


Zorich: The global homeomorphism theorem for space quasiconformal mappings, its development and related open problems. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. Jump to: navigation , search. A numerical characterization of the distortion under a mapping at a point is the coefficient of quasi-conformality dilatation or dilation of at this point: The quantity is called the coefficient of quasi-conformality or linear dilatation of in the domain. Along with the given definition, one often uses the following, equivalent, conditions of quasi-conformality of in a domain : that is, has generalized derivatives that are locally -th power summable in and there exists a real number such that or for almost-all points.

How to Cite This Entry: Quasi-conformal mapping. Zorich originator , Encyclopedia of Mathematics. This page was last modified on 7 February , at Congress Mathematicians Helsinki, , Acad. Fennicae pp. Minnesota Ahlfors, L.

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