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But as Joan realizes the organization is complicit in the exploitation and greed of the meatpacking elite, she abandons the group, instead going to the streets to help fight for the workers.

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Using her conscience as guide and leveraging her influence with Mauler, Joan takes on the business and faith establishment. The morbid drama is elevated by brave and undeceived performances from the ensemble, and occasional injections of dark humor, particularly from Sullivan Slift Ezra Jackson-Smith , Maulers sadistic broker, negotiator, and confidant.

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The engaging performances are complemented by an innovative production team. A symbolic cow rises and falls in the background to represent the changing market prices. Clever costumes allow actresses with multiple rolls to seamlessly transition from top-hat to ragged cloak. And a live band Dylan Grosz, Megha Makam, Sera Park , doubling as the headquarters for labor organizing, supplements the production with a rebellious pulse.

The Marxist play is fiercely critical of the brutality of business and the corruption of religious organizations, yet offers little hope that the exploited workers or political organizers have any power to change their plight. His disdain for the manipulative factory owners trickles down to the helpless workers as well. Character after character is paraded across the stage as an example of just how baseless, corrupt and immoral human being have become. Evil is everywhere.

In these moments, the play feels overwhelmingly alienating. While the script is laced with helplessness and devastation, the ensemble provides hope and offers a solution. As the audience walked into the theater, we were greeted by cast members offering free temporary tattoos, hair clips, and tampons.

Saint Joan of the Stockyards

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