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Omg this horse. Omg the tears running down Atreyu's face. Omg the panic in both of their eyes.

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I can't stop thinking about my cat sinking to her death and how she wants me to save her but I can't and it's something I'll regret for the rest of my life. The kid is back in the mud. I wonder if he can feel his dead best friend horse beneath his feet. Is it weird that I think Falkor looks like the animated semen in one of those sex-ed movies from high school?

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Just imagine your P. He kind of looks like if Mushu from "Mulan" had a baby with the Rainbow fish and Rachel's cat from "Friends. Oh, sure. I'll gladly take a sip of "batwing broth" made up of eye of newt, old lizard brain, tree mold and scales from a rancid sea serpent.

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Atreyu's next mission is to run past statues that have glowing eyes that shoot lasers at him. Now he's entered a blizzard and he doesn't have a coat. I lived in New York once. You need a coat.

Atreyu fell off of Falkor. Understandable if that scene instilled a fear of flying into a lot of kids.

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Falkor and Atreyu are both calling for each other but neither one of them can find each other. This is the horse all over again.

Or getting lost in a mall. The Rock Biter is here and he reveals the snail and man with the top hat and goblin were all eaten up by Nothing. Everything is awful and no one lives. Now Atreyu is at a place where paintings have been created to document his journey and there's one of his horse sinking to his death. Toggle navigation.

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